Garnier-Thiebaut: The Story

Expression of creativity and know-how, Garnier-Thiabut has been weaving for nearly 200 years in the heart of the Vosges Region (France), the most beautiful cotton damasks that bring elegance, fantasy and quality of life to interiors.



the best of innovation and technology, an historic savoir-faire, and a flexible organization to offer product and service based solutions to professional and private clients.

Be -

a creative force of beauty and inspiration for the places and spaces of the clientele and consumers.

Provide -

quality design, materiality, and manufacturing of products with great value for cost.


Garnier Thiebaut was born in 1833 from the marriage between two fabric merchants, Virginie Thiebaut and Jean-Baptiste Garnier, in Gérardmer, a small mountain village nestled on the edge of a lake, in the heart of the Vosges forest of France.

From the creation of new designs and realization of colors, to weaving and stitching the finishing details,  Garnier Thiebaut masters its entire chain of production; working with passion to serve clients internationally while respecting its commitment to expertise.

In 1985 the de Montclos family acquired Garnier Thiebaut and set out on a journey to bring the brand forward into the 21st century and beyond. Already well-known in the restaurant and hotel sector, Garnier Thiebaut entered the private market in 1995 with contemporary collections woven to bring color and refinement to the home.

With the dawning of a new millennia, Garnier Thiebaut has continued to build an ever-expanding network of global clients and partners; bringing together unique expertise from around the world to develop unparalleled collaborations that satisfy the world's most demanding clients.

In 1997, Garnier Thiebaut confirmed its international ambitions by expanding into the US market, establishing itself as a major force in the world of hospitality and home comfort.

COMMTIMENT - The Garnier Thiebaut brand will continue to …


fidèles à nos racines et permettre à l'entreprise de continuer à croître pendant plusieurs générations.


creative-thinkers and doers to solve challenges both internally and externally, for the clientele and consumers.


respect and accountability to the people with whom they work and to the economic and ecological ecosystems to which Garnier Thiebaut belongs to and impacts.


French heritage

Garnier Thiebaut was born on the shores of Lake Gérardmer in the Vosges. 

Today the company can master every phase of production in its French-based factories.

The company carries the distinguished label of Vosges and France Terre Textile.


At Garnier Thiebaut, we believe in collective success.

This is why we strive to be thoughtful and to invest in our region, our environment, and to preserve our resources for future generations.


Founded in 1833, Garnier Thiebaut designs, weaves, colors, manufactures, and embroiders household linen for professionals and individuals. 

Thanks to the brand's unparalleled know-how and its innovation strategy, Garnier Thiebaut is labeled in France as a Living Heritage Company.


Garnier Thiebaut leans into our own creative strengths. Thanks to an exclusive design team, Garnier Thiebaut identifies trends and integrates them into each collection using bespoke colors and patterns done in-house.


The most demanding professionals choose Garnier Thiebaut for the irreproachable quality of its linen.

ISO 9001 certified since 2001, Garnier Thiebaut puts two centuries of expertise at the service of its customers to provide them with top-of-the-line linen that is designed to last.


At Garnier Thiebaut, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our values.

It is our unwavering dedication to availability, responsiveness, reliability and consistency.



Our company's historical business, this activity still remains crucial for the house.

Garnier-Thiebaut is developing its know-how in damask household linen (bed, table, bath) by anticipating the constraints of quality, price, maintenance and customization required by professional customers in the hospitality, food and catering industry. 


The household linen collections for individuals are renewed twice a year in line with trends in decoration and tableware. They reflect all the desires from the kitchen to the living room (table linen, office linen, bath linen, bed linen). These collections are available in 6 major styles or atmospheres. This activity continues to develop, particularly in exports where the brand guarantees French savoir-vivre.


The ability to design and manufacture linen and textile products for other brands that are sensitive to the Garnier-Thiebaut service and quality: this activity is based on Garnier-Thiebaut's expertise in integrating all stages of production and to master the quality of 100% French linen.